Subsidence Ameland

For more than 20 years the impact of subsidence due to gas production from a depth of about 3.5 km below the Dutch Wadden Sea island of Ameland is being monitored. An independent Committee supervises the monitoring. This is the longest integrated ecological research project on the impact of subsidence worldwide.

The monitoring will be continued till the end of gas production according the long-term Monitoring Plan 2006-2020 (pdf, 2.3 MB). It already produced a wealth of information and knowledge. Data are being disclosed via this website.
In ecological terms, subsidence has the same consequences as sea level rise. It is merely the spatial scale in which they differ. Through this unparalleled, long-term research we now also gained more insight into the ecological response of a (local) accelerated rising of sea levels (up to a rate of 1.5 meters per century).

Animatie bodemdaling Ameland