Trilateral Governmental Conference 2018

The Trilateral Wadden Sea Governmental Council gathers the ministers responsible for Wadden Sea affairs from the three countries every 4-5 years. At the conference they discuss Wadden Sea matters, and provide political leadership, harmonisation and decision-making between the three governments.

The Wadden Sea Governmental Conferences

The Council meetings are held within the context of the Wadden Sea Conferences. The Conferences are a forum for stakeholders from the whole Wadden Sea Region aimed to inform policy-making and the Cooperation in its work.

The next conference will be organized in Leeuwarden (Netherlands), on 18 may 2018. On this webpage we will keep you informed on the preparations for the conference. The conference is also accompanied by a numer of side-events, which will start on 17 may, the preceeding day.

The latest governmental conference took place in 2014 in Tonder Denmark. All documents, including the joint governmental declaration can be downloaded on the website of CWSS.

Proceedings and documentation regarding previous conferences can also be found on the website of CWSS

Declaration of Leeuwarden

On may 1st 2018 the Declaration of Leeuwarden was sent to the Dutch Parliament.

The declaration (English, pdf, 581 Kb)